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Performance Pedagogy® Trailer

Tomorrow’s Village, Inc., 501(c)(3), is an arts integration and personal empowerment production company. The theory and methodology, Performance Pedagogy® is used to under gird performances and programs that enlighten diverse populations with fact-based, contextualized ‘living history’ content. Highlighting African American and multi-ethnic cultural traditions, and emphasizing intergenerational problem solving strategies, the multimedia performances, programs and speaking engagements give voice to those who are often ignored or missing from the American and global historical landscapes.

Photo Above:This photo was taken at a gala honoring Gerri and Lilo Leeds, the founders of the Institute for Student Achievement (ISA). As an arts and education consultant, I have worked with teachers and students in New York and Chicago and am pictured here with several of my ISA students.

Theory and Methodology

Performance Pedagogy® is a curriculum-based arts integration theory and methodology that uses performance as an education, self-development and evaluation tool. The performing arts (music, dance, and theatre arts), arts therapies and educational psychology are integrated with traditional academic subjects with the intention of teaching through performance. As an intergenerational and empathy-driven transformational strategy, it is designed for personal, social and academic enlightenment.

Performances: highlight the rich historical and cultural information reflecting the heritage of African Americans. A study of African American music and the culture from which it emerges, serves as a powerful teaching tool for those seeking a broader, more inclusive understanding of American history and and how it has shaped the current cultural zeitgeist. Curriculum guides are available for the workshops that may accompany each performance (1 or 2 day options).

Programs empower participants with positive personal and global insight that deepen levels of understanding of American history and its impact on its citizens and the world. Curriculum guides and workbooks are available and may accompany each performance (1 or 2 day options).

Speaking Engagements  explore topics that underscore the power of the arts, culture and history as tools for personal examination and evolution – and for social change. Multimedia presentations are designed to engage, educate, and shatter barriers.

Artist Residencies offer new ways of thinking in alignment with the organizational missions. The work reflects the important role the arts play in balancing human existence – smoothing the edges of our daily interactions, and rounding out our evolution from the quotidian and materialistic to a world that is meaning and purpose driven. Incubators for productivity, forging relationships, finding inspiration and developing funding sources, artist residences are designed to engage, educate, and shatter barriers.

Performance Excerpt

History, Dunham and Dance – Unwrapping the Legacy:
 A Multimedia Experience

University Honors Program – Tenney Distinguished Lecture Series Southern Illinois University, November 2015

Interactive and experiential, this performance illuminates the life story of Katherine Dunham, one of America’s first 20th Century African American female superstars. Dr. Marguerite Mariama, who studied with Ms. Dunham, uses video excerpts, curated photographs, voiceover narration, dance – and both recorded and live music performances to tell the story of this internationally acclaimed dancer, anthropologist, author, social activist, TV, film and movie star. The performance fills in some of the missing pieces of American history while also considering the roots of the socio/political and cultural upheavals that plague the country today. Curriculum guides and workbooks are available for the workshops that may accompany each performance (1 or 2 day options). Also, a one or two semester course option – 20th Century American Superstar: Katherine Dunham, Life Lessons, Legacy and DANCE! is also available.


Mariama’s presentation for the 2015 Charles D. Tenney Lecture on the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale was both inspiring and thought provoking…served as a powerful conduit to understand Katherine Dunham’s life and work, Dr. Mariama’s life and work and the “place” of SIU in the 1960’s and 1970’s. The presentation ended with a crescendo of group dance; providing those who engaged in it a glimpse of the transcendent nature of artistic performance.” – Laura M. Morthland, Associate Professor at the School of Architecture in Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

“This “one-woman” show was everything an homage to Katherine Dunham should be …The choreography, the philosophy and the vocation of teaching others the significance of knowing one’s heritage and the joy in performing beauty and joy for the delight of the observer – these were the gifts of both Dunham and Mariama on display in this multimedia experience. Marguerite Mariama honors her mentor and angel-elder by this thoroughly captivating evening.” – Joseph A. Brown, SJ; Ph.D., Professor, Africana Studies at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

“I am still “high” after one of my all-time favorite programs in Pop’s Honor. He would have loved it. I am so jealous of honors students who get to spend more time with that wonderful special lady! I LOVED her spirit and enthusiasm, a too rare quality these days. She is an inspiration to everyone. (I call it “sparkle plenty!”)…I thank her for doing honor to herself, my family, and SIU. I am so proud that she is a Saluki.” – Helen Tenney Naumer, Southern Illinois University Charles D. Tenney Distinguished Lecture Series (daughter of series namesake)

“Dr. Mariama’s multi-media tribute offers a deep and personal look into the world, mind, sensibilities and contributions of artist Katherine Dunham. Mariama is powerhouse performer whose singing and dance come from a deep place. The audience has the occasion to look into the soul of a woman of power, passion and purpose. Those not familiar with Dunham’s work will certainly leave wanting to know more. Dunham’s legacy lives on–in and through Marguerite Mariama. It was a sheer delight…” – Lori Merrill Fink, Director, Honors Program at Southern Illinois University


Exhibit Package

Performance/lecture/workshop option

Jazz in Chicago –And The Blues Too!

The slide presentation and/or exhibit investigate the cultural developments that spawned jazz and blues in the city of Chicago. As a center for commerce during the post-Civil War period of industrial expansion, African Americans fled the terrorism of the south and headed to Chicago for the promise of jobs and a better life. During that period of the Great Migration, the musicians among them joined forces to provide the new immigrants with the music of their heritage. That melding of African American musical cultural forms made Chicago an early performance mecca. America’s classical music, Jazz and Blues, and its cultural lineage, is explored through photographs and articles from the collections of the The Chicago Historical Society, The University of Chicago Regenstein Library, the Chicago Jazz Archive, the Vivian G. Harsh Research Collection of the Carter G. Woodson Library – and from private collectors.

The Performance/lecture/workshop option is a three-part, multimedia series that provides a socio/historical/political overview of Jazz and Blues (the root of popular music worldwide) by exploring the culture from which the music arose. It focuses on the musicians – male and female – who helped shape the music. The multimedia interactive series features a lecture, workshop and concert featuring Dr. Mariama and her music quintet performing a variety of songs from the African American musical continuum. As is the tradition, the audience will be invited to dance to the music of the ensemble.

Additional performances, programs and speaking topics include:

  • OurStory’s In The Music
  • Blues and Jazz Women: Tales of Triumph Over Adversity
  • A Context for History and Culture: The Voices of Two Women
  • A Hip-Hop Journey To Literacy and Culture
  • Music As A Tool for Resistance: The African American Musical Continuum – From Africa To Hip-Hop
  • LuvN’thBluz
  • Mothers and Daughters – The Transformational Dance: A Collaborative Approach to Personal Development
  • Performance Pedagogy® – A Theory and Methodology for Teachers
  • From The Bottom Up – Black Women’s Perspectives on American Historiography
  • Style and Swagger: Beauty From The Inside Out

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