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Who is Marguerite?

An educator, a singer, an artist

Dr. Marguerite Mariama uses her “life as a classroom” – transforming hard won lessons into strategies for helping others achieve authenticity, personal and academic success. Her story is one of triumph over adversity –where life-changing forces were always present. And, where arts training and strategic mentoring altered her life’s trajectory.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Marguerite credits Dr. Barbara A. Sizemore, her third grade teacher, who later became the first black female superintendent of schools, as the inspiration and role model for her work in the education arena. As the founder and president, of the non-profit organization, Tomorrow’s Village, Inc.(501c3), Marguerite has been a leader in creating arts integration pedagogy that is designed to empower urban student social, emotional and academic success through an assortment of non-traditional modalities. Her diverse background serves as a foundation for launching innovative educational and creative work that is transformational in depth and scope. Training and experience as an educator, movement/dance therapist and activist performing artist informs her projects.

  • Actor
    From Harlan High School to international performer.

    With appearances in a variety of stage performances and as a longtime member of the actor’s union SAG/AFTRA, Marguerite has appeared in commercials, films, TV and can be heard as a voice over artist and seen print adds on numerous projects.

  • Dancer
    Trained and experienced in the craft.

    Having trained with legends such as Katherine Dunham, Charles, Moore and Livinia Willimas to her current dance performances as a Chicago Bulls Basketball Swingin’ Senior, Marguerite knows first-hand the history and context from which American dance culture was formed.

  • Educator
    The creator of Performance Pedagogy®

    As an education strategist, she is a critical resource in developing conceptual frameworks for problem solving and growth. Performance Pedagogy®, her curriculum-based personal empowerment theory and methodology, has been honed for over 35+ years in the public and private sectors.

  • Musician
    An intimate history of performance.

    With national and international experience as a big band and small ensemble jazz and blues vocalist, Marguerite has trained, performed, and recorded with some of the greatest musical artists in the world.

“Sitting at Ms. Dunham’s feet and hearing her stories was awesome, she reminded us of our social responsibility as young artists – and we answered the call in our performances.”

Marguerite Mariama

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